Peel and Scan™ Labels

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A more engaging and secure way to distribute your Activation Codes. 

Simply order your Peel & Scan labels, affix them to your product or medium, then batch them in by scanning them into the platform. Now you’re ready to sell or distribute. Your customers are able to enjoy the pleasure of peeling back the label and scanning their unique activation code to access their rewards, perks, or other offers.

This process makes it easier, cheaper, and more ad hoc than ordering high MOQ bulk cards containing variable data from specialized printers. It’s also more secure since the variable data is hidden by the top layer. By using our method, you can produce the exact amount of cards or products you need (big or small) from any vendor and then order the precise peel and scan labels you need.
It’s also easier to organize multiple batches of various amounts to identify the source for tracking and accountability. For example you can batch in 20 labels for a specific reseller, or 100 labels for a specific event. You can even have those in various mediums. You could have 200 labels on a business card, 50 labels on a rack card, 300 labels on giveaway item (such as a bag or cup), and 500 labels on a flyer. There’s a lot of flexibility.

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